Spring Sports

Spring Sports

J'onnelle Davis, Student Journalist

Spring sports have come and gone so I decided to interview my teammates, Riddhi Patel, and Fatimah Mansour, who are also on the Fitch High School Girls Track team.

In an interview with the athletes, I asked, “What is your favorite part of being on the Fitch High School Girls Track team 2019?” Riddhi responded that her favorite part was “getting to know new people, making new friends, and making new experiences.” Fatimah responded, “My favorite part of being on the track was probably being with my friends all the time, and making silly videos to pass time during track meets”.

When asked about their accomplishments with this season, Riddhi responded, “Getting my first medal in running”. Fatimah responded, “I persevered, I didn’t quit when things got hard and I’m proud of myself for that”.  I also wondered what they wish they knew before joining, Riddhi answered, “How much sweat, tears, and pain I had to go through in order to better myself in something that I am passionate about”. Fatimah replied, “One thing I wish I knew at the beginning of rack is that hard work doesn’t pay off right away. Going into it I thought that I would automatically get better with practice, but with patience, I got better”.I asked them if they had any regrets they had about joining track. Both Fatimah and Riddhi responded with the same answer. “No, I don’t”.

On May 29, 2019, several members of the Girl’s Track Team;  (4×1) team: Abby Rodgers, Janaya Burley, Mary Rose Victorino, and Amara Robinson. (4×4) team: Paige Pollard, Riley Marquis, Ashely Spreng, Ava Popraki, (Throwing team) Da’zhonanique Cardwell, Deja Driscoll, J’onnelle Davis (4×8) Aria Lupo, Alex Codilla, Elviany Quiroz, Silvia Chen. (Poll vaulting) Sydney Comstock, (High Jump) Mikayla Charles- Hayley. All Went to CIAC Class MM Championships at Middletown High School.