New York Trip



On November 20, 2019, the Falcon Press paired with the Fitch Photo Club to visit both the Guggenheim Museum and the Rockefeller Center in New York City. The students began their day at the Guggenheim Museum, where they admired contemporary  artwork. The Guggenheim Museum is notoriously unique. It is spiral shaped with six stories, in which the artwork on display is constantly being switched out. Additionally, the artwork is not organized by era, as they are meant to be viewed as a whole. After the students had finished viewing the museum, they proceeded to Central Park to eat “street meat” and walk nearly 40 blocks to the Rockefeller Center. On the long walk, the students were able to view many attractions such as the Alice and Wonderland sculpture, the Balto statue, Conservatory Waters, and Central Park Zoo, before arriving at the Rockefeller center. Once there, the students quickly split up into their previously assigned groups to explore the area. As many of our students witnessed, the Rockefeller Center is one of the most highly trafficked areas in NYC, and, as many of our students saw, has 10 floors of shopping options with its own zip code- 10022-SHOE, and the “nerve” of the Rockefeller center is the General Electric building which has 70 floors. This is the place where Jimmy Fallon, SNL, and the Today Show are taped. Overall, the trip was an exciting and educational experience that has forever impacted the lives of our very own FHS students.