Fitch Defeats Waterford 34-6 , Head Coach Weighs In


Landon Huffstickler, Sport Illustrator

Last Friday, September 21st, Fitch crushed Waterford 34-6.

Waterford High School traveled to Fitch’s home turf. Both schools were 1-1 before the match, but Fitch was the favorite to win the game.

The game started off slow, with neither team scoring any points, but it was only a matter of time before Fitch’s run game showed up big time.

Six players got handed the ball during the game, and all six made their mark with a combined 54 carries and 441 yards.

The defense for Fitch also showed up, and as Coach Ellis deftly put it, “When you hold an opposing team to only 1 yard rushing that’s pretty good.”

At the end of it all, Fitch showed they were the superior team, winning 34-6.


Full Recap of the Game Below


Short Q&A with Fitch Head Coach Mike Ellis Regarding the Waterford Game


Q1 : In your mind, how important was the Waterford Game?

Coach Ellis: Well I think it was very important, going in 1-1 we needed a win

Q2: Which side of the ball during the game were you most proud of? Offense? Defense? Special Teams?

Coach Ellis: I think last night it was the Defense, when you hold an opposing team to only 1 yard rushing that’s pretty good and when you hold them, they had 102 total yards and 101 in the air, and out of that 101, something like sixty was on one pass play, I think that’s a heck of a defensive performance.

Q3: Are there any players you feel truly distinguished themselves during the game?

Coach Ellis: I think last night, I think Keith Patterson had a heck of a game on both sides of the ball, I felt that Kennard (Kennard Tate), again on both sides of the ball played well, and I think when you take a look at our line, the line on both sides Offensive and Defensively had a good game.

Q4: Was there anything during the game you saw that disappointed you?

Coach Ellis: Well I think that us continuing to let linebackers run through our offensive line, something that we have to improve on that’s gotta happen, I think another thing that disappointed me is the number of penalties and penalty yardages and the number of turnovers, it’s gonna be tough in some close ballgames down the end if we continue to do that.

Q5: Are there any parts of the team that you feel have improved since last season?

Coach Ellis: Well I think that, you know just this last practice we improved quite a bit throughout the week which is good, from last season I would say right now that the running of the H’s and Z’s has improved, I also think that the other thing that has improved is our run defense, you know teams are really struggling to run the ball against us, and that is an improvement since last year.

Q6: In your Opinion, what do Fitch’s playoff chances currently look like?

Coach Ellis: Well, I mean the playoff chances are, we have to win the rest and then hope to get in, that the thing. We really can’t worry about it,  we just gotta go one game at a time and win, that’s it, and then hope the chips fall.

Q7: After and undefeated regular season last year, what was the mindset you had going into the first practice after the loss to Hamden?

Coach Ellis: That mindset was, I felt that in the Hamden Game we had to much pressure on ourselves, and we were playing too tight, and we were playing not to lose, and that’s why you saw us come out and talk about having fun, working hard, and having each other’s backs, and that was Coach Mccoy’s suggestion to do that, and I think that’s loosened us up and we’ve played better the  last two weeks because of that.