Sounds by the Sea

Anna Burt, Arts and Culture Staff Writer

The marching band rode a wave of success into their home show.

Sounds by the Sea is the marching band’s home show, the only competition that is hosted here at Fitch. Nine bands participated in this competition. They preformed a variety of shows with themes ranging from “Elvis” to “The Raven”.

As the host school, the marching band was not formally ranked. However, they were given a score. The marching band scored a 87 out of 100. This aligns with their previous record. At all of their previous competitions, the marching band has scored in the high eighties on this scale.

Marching band competitions are scored by a panel of four judges, each responsible for evaluating a different aspect of the performances.

The marching band’s 2018 show Synesthesia: Can YOU hear the colors? focuses on creating an all-encompassing experience for the audience. Colored light shines out from large props as each section plays. The guard perfectly times flags and symbols all coordinating to the assigned color of each section. This creates a stunning affect, truly immersing the audience in the colors.

Beyond simply functioning as another competition, Sounds by the Sea is a major fundraiser for the marching band. It is primarily organized by the Band Boosters.  The planning process begins in January every year, ensuring that everything goes smoothly. The funds raised aid in the purchase of uniforms and supplies for next year’s season, as well as the bus to the national competition.

The marching band headed to the state competition on Wednesday the 31st, the following Saturday is regionals, and then finally nationals.