Fitch Artists: Addie Clark

Ana Abreu, Visual Arts and Events Journalist

To define creative types the word artist started being used. There are many artists at Fitch who are waiting for their talent to shine through the cracks and refine their skills in the schools art programs. Addie Clark is one of the many talented artists at Fitch who are making their way through the creative world.

How would you define art?

“I know this sounds vaguely like a motivational poster hanging in a guidance counselor’s room, but I think everyone is an artist, in some way. If you look at things and create something creatively, you’re an artist. So… yes.”

Do you consider yourself an artist?

“Art, in its most basic sense, I think, is some sort of creation that was made with thought, and that someone can be affected by. It’s definitely a subjective thing, so one person’s art is different than someone else’s, but I define it in its most loosest sense. I think most things can be art, which is why the term ‘artist’ is also super broad, to me.”

How would you describe your art style?

“So for visual art, my art style is realistic. I like to observe things that exist and draw them, rather than drawing purely from my imagination. I’m trying to make more art that’s contemporary impressionism, though, and try to veer away from realism and hyper-realism.”

What do you think of the arts program at Fitch?

“So, unfortunately, this year, my junior year, is the first year an art class has fit into my schedule. That said, I really, really like it. I think the projects and materials and creative freedom I’ve received is amazing.”