Why the Changes to Lunch Waves?

J'onnelle Davis, Student Life Journalist

As every student knows, the lunch waves at Fitch High School have been changing throughout the  school year. For this reason, I interviewed our principal Mr. Arcarese.

When Mr. Acarese was questioned about the lunch waves, I investigated whether or not the old lunch waves will return. He responded, “We constantly check the lunch waves for the amount of kids in the lunch wave.” Also, I discovered that it was to reduce the stress on staff getting their own lunch and ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to eat. There is only a certain amount of students allowed in the cafeteria, as it is a hazard if overfilled. “We had the old lunch waves for 10-15 years,” the lunch waves needed a small adjustment due to the immense amount of students coming to Fitch. Mr. Acarese was also asked a few more questions, such as when did you realise the lunch wave schedule needed to be changed? “First week, second week of school.” Another question I inquired was: what do you think about the lunch waves now? “They are more positive, a lot more quiet, and easy on staff to distribute lunch on time,” After, I asked if he thought there are better ways to improve the lunch waves.  He stated, “There is always a better way to improve, there will come a time to pick the best lunch waves. It cannot improve every single year, it depends on the number of students in each lunch wave.” The final question was: do you feel that the lunch change was helpful? He confidently responded, “I do.”