Second Amendment Rights

Lilly Driscoll, Global Issues Corespondent

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The Second Amendment has been a hot topic in politics for many years now. People are conflicted as to whether or not the Second Amendment should be altered, or eliminated.  It is a very touchy subject because guns can be used to either protect or to kill; it is a matter of safety and mental stability. With the 2020 election coming up next year, this amendment will surely come up, and be an integral part of many political campaigns. It is important to  understand different perspectives, where each politician is coming from, and to decide for yourself what should or shouldn’t be allowed.


Why The Second Amendment Should Stay The Same Why The Second Amendment Should Be Changed Or Altered
One reason that the Second Amendment has not changed  is because people feel as though if the Second Amendment is revoked then part of their freedom will be taken away as well. One of the main reasons that people want the Second Amendment to be altered is because it was made back when the country was founded, and since times have changed, people think that the Amendments should, too.
Some do not want to revoke the second amendment because they feel as though if they revoke this law then the whole Bill of Rights will fall apart. People believe that being able to bear arms will cause more chaos, and will lead to more deaths of civilians and students because of mentally unstable people using guns.
Guns can protect civilians, and are used to keep order and keep laws enforced. They also protect our police officers from dangerous situations. The right to bear arms is viewed as heinous by some people, and they think that guns are just made to kill and there is no other purpose for them.
A lot of people have a gun for security. In fact, there was a survey taken and 60% of gun owners keep firearms for self protection, another 36% for hunting, and 21% for target shooting and recreation. The use of a gun is mostly used for safety. In 2016 there were about 16,500 murders committed in the U.S. 73% of these crimes were committed with firearms, and 600,000 violent crimes were committed with guns that same year.
People argue that it is hard for people to get their hands on weapons when they are not supposed to, there are extensive background checks, and mental stability tests run to ensure that these people will not cause harm to themselves or others when and if they own a gun. Many people are irresponsible with the way that their firearms are stored. In a survey taken by 40% of gun owners it has been found that only 30% of people keep their guns locked up and unloaded, and 21% keep at least one gun loaded and unlocked. This makes it easier for children to get their hands on loaded weapons.

A history teacher at Fitch High School stated that, “The Second Amendment was written as a precautionary measure as protection against an overreaching government like the British Empire.” We as Americans do not have to be as concerned with this any longer does not mean that it is not necessary  because guns can actually save the lives of those in danger, but in that case it is debatable whether the Amendment should be altered. When deciding this we have to take all perspectives into consideration.