2020-2021 Staff

Owen Muché

Owen Muché is a Student Correspondent and a Junior at Fitch High School. He enjoys studying geography and history, as well as competing in trivia competitions. This is his first year with the Falcon Press.

Tyler Carver

I am Tyler Carver I like sports and I played Football at Fitch for 3 years. I plan on joining the Navy, and going to boot camp over the summer.

Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope

Olivia Pope is psychological correspondent and a freshman at fitch high school. Olivia enjoys to take walks , read , research serial killers and write. This is her first year on falcon press

Daniela Jara

Hi, I am Daniela Jara and I am a Freshman at Fitch High School. I like to watch documentaries, journal, and hang out with my friends. This is my first year with the Falcon Press.

Aja Darden

Aja Darden

Aja Darden is a senior and first year beauty & wellness correspondent for The Falcon Press. She can tell you that makeup has always been a huge part of her. But let's be real, makeup is a form of art which allows you to show who you ...

Abriel Carey

Abriel Carey is a Student Correspondent and a sophomore at FHS. She is also a member of the Softball team, Field Hockey team, and the Renaissance Club. Abriel enjoys reading, sports and hanging out with friends. This is Abriel's...

Stella Connell

Stella Connell is a Student Correspondent and a Freshman at Fitch High School. She is a part of the FHS girl soccer team and lacrosse team. Stella goes on hikes, ski, and go on her boat in her free time. Stella loves to spend...

Kaleb Jennings

Kaleb Jennings

Kaleb Jennings is a Sports Correspondent and Senior at FHS. In his free time he enjoys doing sports photography, working out, and watching sports. This is Kaleb's second year as a member of the Falcon Press.

Seth Fisher

Seth Fisher is a senior at FHS. He is headed to Rowan University in the Fall and enjoys watching sports. This is his first year with the Falcon Press.

Emma Gibson

Emma Gibson is a Sophomore at FHS. Outside of school she enjoys writing, hanging out with family and friends, and she is also a tutor for FHS writing center. This is Emma´s first year in Falcon Press.

Madisyn Morris

Social Media Officer Madisyn "Maddie" Morris: This is her first year in Falcon Press. She's also in Amphora, Falcons RISE, Keyettes, and Unified Sports. She enjoys writing and is currently working to be a writing tutor for Fitch's...

Alayna Woodhams

Alayna Woodhams is a Junior at Three Rivers Middle College. She is the Vice President and this is her Second year with the Falcon Press. She participates in More Than Words, and Fencing at Fitch, and likes to write about Pop...

Michael Luzzio

Michael Luzzio is a Senior at FHS. He is the Falcon Press Chief Political Corespondent and this is his third year in the Falcon Press.

Alec Atkinson

Alec Atkinson

Alexander "Alec" James Atkinson: Alec is an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader for Troop 76, he enjoys history, researching different political-economic systems, military battles, and food running. He is also a member of the Falcon...

Ava Otano

Ava Otano is a junior at FHS. She is the President of the Falcon Press and this is her third year as part of the school newspaper. She is also a member of the FHS fencing team.

Rebecca Barry

Rebecca Barry

Ms. Barry is the Newspaper Club Advisor and an English and Theater Teacher at FHS. She formerly taught History and ESL in Shanghai and Brussels, and is a graduate of St. Olaf College in Minnesota. She enjoys triathlons, reading...

Camden Celtruda

Camden Celtruda

Camden Celtruda has lived in Groton for all of his life. He is a student at Fitch High School and enjoys History classes. Camden has a large collection of 1800s bottles and artifacts including more than a dozen local bottles and...

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